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Category Archives: Office Cleaning Services

Controlling Urine Splash and Keeping Restrooms Germ-Free

restrooms germ-freeEveryone knows restrooms can be very unclean if not maintained correctly. One of the biggest sanitation issues is urine splash around the toilets and urinals that can easily spread. We have gathered some tips that can help control urine splash and better keep restrooms germ-free to maintain a safer and better-smelling environment.

Tips to Keep Your Restrooms Germ-Free:

  1. Removing the toilet seat. This doesn’t have to be done every time the restroom is cleaned, but it should be addressed occasionally. The seat fastener can hide particles of urine and feces, causing odor in the bathroom.
  1. Cleaning tablets. Drop-in tablets can help keep the toilet more sanitary while producing a clean and pleasant smell. They can be dropped in the top reservoir for consumer-styled toilets or stuck to the bowl in commercial models.
  1. Education. It might not be a comfortable topic, but a little bit of urination education can go a long way. For example, men should be encouraged to urinate straight down towards the drain. Directing the flow towards the back of a urinal actually causes the most amount of back-splash. Likewise, adding a small piece of toilet paper into a toilet prior to urination can soften the fall and reduce splashes.
  1. restrooms germ-freeClosing lids (when applicable) before flushing. The motion of the flush can fling urine and fecal particles into the air and room. Simply closing the lid before flushing keeps nearly all of them contained. Plus, it’s easy to wipe down later.

We hope these tips will help keep your restrooms germ-free because keeping a clean restroom is very important. If you’re ready to let a professional handle the job, contact us at Image One today for a FREE quote.

How to Better Train Cleaning Employees to Control Infections

Cleaning companies control infectionsThey say knowledge is power, and we believe it. The right practices and techniques can help control infections and lessen the chance of disease and viruses, as well as improve the smells and sights within a business or home.

At Image One, we take employee training seriously for our staff and yours.

Why Training Matters to Control Infections

When you hire a company like us, you’re trusting us with the health and safety of your business. You put your faith in us to efficiently and effectively remove germs, preventing odors, and to control infections. It’s not always as straightforward as you may think, however. New equipment, techniques, and cleaning agents are always being developed. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is frequent training across the board.

Staying on top is important to us, so all of our employees receive regular information and demonstrations. It takes dedication to offer maximum efficiency, and that’s what we offer.

Why Your Employees Need Training, Too

Even though we pride ourselves on doing the best possible job cleaning for you, there are still opportunities for your workers to spread germs and become ill, effectively doing the opposite of controlling infections. Most of these oversights are simply due to lack of education. Encourage smart habits like closing the lid after flushing and sanitizing their personal equipment frequently, and you’ll be one step closer to better health.

Cleaning is an art form. Like any skill, it requires practice and diligence to reach maximum efficiency. At Image One, we have the skills and experience to go above and beyond your expectations.

Keeping Your Office Restroom Clean on a Daily Basis

Office restroomMost employees agree that the bathroom is the one area that should always be kept clean. An unclean environment in this space can lead to the spread of germs and thousands of different viruses, which is one reason why health departments issue fines and citations for unsatisfactory conditions.

Beyond that, a spotless office restroom is a fantastic tool for improving employee productivity and morale. It also boosts customer opinions and builds a better business in general.

Areas to Pay Attention to in Your Office Restroom

To keep your bathroom facilities pristine and professional, pay special attention to:

  • …always using disinfecting solutions and gloves to perform the job. It’s crucial that the entire toilet is cleaned—not just the bowl. The tank, base, seat, and lid need attention as well.
  • Office restroom…the sink which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, since it is usually wet. A properly trained cleaning crew should pay special attention to the faucets, since this is where most germs are concentrated.
  • …door handles. Everyone who enters or exits the bathroom interacts with the door. Disinfect the handles frequently to keep germs to a minimum.
  • …customers and employees are instantly turned away when mirrors are noticeably dirty. Water spots, smudges, dust, and fingerprints accumulate anytime the facility is used.
  • …floor and finishing touches. Pick up and remove garbage frequently. The floor should be swept or vacuumed each time, and it should be mopped thoroughly. Stall walls must be wiped down occasionally as well.

How Often to Clean?

The size of your company and how often the office restroom facilities are used will determine how often to clean. Larger firms need to have bathrooms attended to multiple times a day, to replace paper towels and bath tissue at the least. Smaller businesses can be cleaned every other night or even weekly, depending on the conditions.

To get a free quote for your office restroom cleaning, please call 630.616.1010 or visit

The Environmental Impact of Using Green Cleaning

Cleaning agentWe use cleansing agents throughout our offices and businesses. Unfortunately, some industrial chemicals are a bit too harmful to use for some areas of the office; their toxic ingredients can wreak havoc on physical and environmental health.  Below is some information about harmful cleaning agents and our suggestions for good cleaning agents.

Common poisons found in cleaning agents:

  • Fragranced products like air fresheners and dish soaps include these endocrine disruptors. Proprietary laws don’t require companies to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances, so many people are exposed to phthalates without even knowing it.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaners and dry cleaning solutions usually contain this neurotoxin. It can result in dizziness and poor coordination and is also considered a carcinogen.
  • Detergents and soaps labeled as antibacterial usually contain triclosan. This pesticide promotes the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and kills algae. The FDA banned the use of triclosan in consumer products.
  • 2-Butoxyethanol. This ingredient is found in many window and multipurpose cleaners. It gives the cleaners a sweet smell. Excessive exposure can cause narcosis, kidney and liver damage, and pulmonary edema.

Locating a Green Cleaning Agent

Green cleaningFortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to ensure a proper clean without harming your employees health or the environment. Many cleaning companies are transitioning to more green cleaning agents and methods. Ensure the team that you hire uses safe products.

Some cleaning businesses are certified in green techniques and products. Look for special credentials, like the Green Seal Standard for Residential Cleaning Services GS-49, to ensure eco-friendly practices. Owners and employees of cleaning businesses must undergo annual training to maintain the accreditation.

Call ahead of time to find out what chemicals the company uses when performing cleaning services. Do a quick check of ingredients to ensure nothing harmful is used in your home or office. Consider companies that use enzyme-based cleaners, which are effective and all-natural. A bit of research and pre-planning can help guarantee a clean and safe environment.

How a Clean Office Affects Employee Productivity

Clean officeBusinesses spend a great amount of time and money looking for ways to boost productivity. A clean office, however, may be the solution to maximize your employees’ performance.

Six Ways a Clean Office Increases Efficiency:

  1. Cleanliness reduces sickness. Sick days cost America $576 billion annually. The cost adds up quickly, from absenteeism to Workers’ Compensation. Keep the office orderly and disinfected to reduce the chances of sickness and injury and keep workers healthy.
  1. A clean building encourages attendance. Employees feel more inclined to come in when the space is free of grime and clutter. Clean garbage cans frequently to reduce bad smells and the risk of contamination.
  1. Clear work spaces equal motivated employees. Studies from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute prove that it’s easier to concentrate when your environment is decluttered. Better concentration means more completed work.
  1. Cleanliness reduces stress. Sixty percent of workers say that their biggest stressor is the job itself. Dirty and messy environments cause higher levels of anxiety and foster feelings of depression. Employees who are less stressed are less likely to make mistakes.
  1. Unsoiled equipment is more reliable. Many offices completely overlook their computers, printers, and other machinery when cleaning. This can be a costly mistake since accumulated dust and dirt causes wear and tear on the hardware. When machines run longer without repair or maintenance, employees accomplish more.
  1. Clutter and dust are fire hazards. Dust is risky because it can cause a blaze, especially on electrical equipment. Other unorganized items like paper and garbage can cause a fire to spread more quickly. A burned building stops productivity completely and puts workers in danger.

A clean work environment is vital to employee performance and office safety. Spending a few minutes or hours per day (depending on the size of the building) is a valuable investment for any company.  To schedule a free quote,  please call 630.616.1010.

Properly Care for Your High-Traffic Floor Maintenance

High-traffic floor maintenanceThere’s no part of your building’s interior that endures more use than the floor. In certain areas, foot traffic is much higher, resulting in even faster wear and tear. Luckily, proper maintenance and planning can keep your floors looking great for years to come.

Step One: Target the Problem

To properly treat your floors, determine what areas see the most use. Evaluate the condition of floors in the entrance, hallways, and elevators. Areas with consumer and employee traffic experience the most wear.

Step Two: Decide if the Floor Needs Replacing

Even with the best care, high-traffic floor maintenance must be replaced occasionally. Starting over with a fresh layer of carpet, tile, linoleum, etc., makes maintenance easier in the long run. Replacement also offers the chance to pick a new color scheme and freshen up the interior.

Step Three: Strip and Refinish

In some cases, the floor is in suitable shape but a new finish is needed. Often, the old finish can be removed easily. Many contracting companies can remove the old layers in a short period of time. Once the floor is stripped and rinsed, a fresh finish offers a like-new appearance.

Step Four: High-Traffic Floor Maintenance

High-traffic floor maintenanceThe best way to care for your high-traffic floor is to frequently keep them clean. Dirt grinds into carpet fibers and scratches the finish on linoleum and other hard surfaces. Regular washing also puts a stop to chemical corrosion due to spills.

Vacuum carpets frequently. High-traffic floor areas should be vacuumed daily—particularly in the main entry. Areas that see medium foot traffic (like hallways and most offices) should be cleaned every other day, and light-traffic areas should be vacuumed once per week. Shampoo carpets at least once per year.

Hard floors should be swept/vacuumed and mopped on a similar schedule. Hard floors in the busiest areas need attention every day to look their best. Certain surfaces might require special treatments, like wax for hardwood.

For a free cleaning quote, call 630.616.1010 or visit

Three Ways to Reduce Allergens at Your Office

Teen woman with allergiesAllergies can make workers and customers miserable at your office, reducing productivity and lowering office morale. These can be seasonal or animal in nature. Fortunately, allergens are a manageable problem, and business owners and office managers can take steps to minimize this annoyance. Here are three tips to help you reduce the allergens in your office and help your employees who suffer them.

Proper Air Filtration Reduces Allergies

Cleaning air filter for allergiesThe filters in your HVAC system are the first line of defense against allergens in your office. These are responsible for catching most of the allergens that may be circulating. Investing in high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for your air conditioning system can make a world of difference for your employees and customers. Regular replacement and maintenance can ensure these filters work efficiently and effectively.

Help Your Employees

If you are doing everything you can to reduce the allergens in your office, but your employees continue to suffer, you may need to directly help your staff. Encourage them to get an allergy test from their doctor to find out the cause of their allergies. A person might be allergic to something as simple as cat hairs attached to a coworker’s clothes. If an employee has a private office, it might be worth investing in a small, personal air filter to keep him or her happy.

Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

Carpet cleaning to reduce allergiesOne might think the most common place for allergens would be the air in your office, but the carpet actually might be the culprit. If you are already filtering the air in your office, but the people inside continue to sneeze, it may be a sign you need to have your carpet cleaned more often.

Carpets can collect allergen particles and release them in a burst each time someone steps on them. Frequent professional cleaning can prevent this buildup.

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Four Tips for Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Service

Clean officeKeeping your office clean and sanitary is essential to business success. If your business is like most, you need a professional cleaning service rather than a full-time janitor. This task can be daunting, even for experienced business owners. Here are four tips for choosing the right cleaning service.

Get the Right Price

The first step in picking the right service is price comparison. Ask for quotes from the commercial services near you. Most of them will need to visit your office to provide you an estimate, so give yourself plenty of time to meet with them. Make sure to ask about their commitment requirements. Some services may require lengthy contract terms that you won’t want.

Identify Your Cleaning Needs

You need to be sure the cleaning service you hire can meet the needs of your business. Some may offer carpet cleaning as part of the contract and others may not. Also, consider the hours the service cleans. Do you want a cleaning service to come during business hours or after hours?

Check References

Cleaning referencesWhen you have found the best price and services offered, you should ask for a few references. Contacting their previous clients is essential to a thorough search. Find out whether or not they did a good job and if the client had any trouble with their service. As with all services, word of mouth can tell you more about their performance than any other factor.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

It is very important to check the insurance of the company you intend to hire. A cleaning service should be completely and independently insured. You don’t want to be liable for their staff hurting themselves (or others with wet floors, etc.) on your premises, and you want to make sure you can recoup any damage done to your property.

Cleaning up the Office After Major Flood Damage

Office flood damageOne of the most damaging things that can happen to an office is major flood damage.

Flooding rain.

Broken pipes.

The office carpet may be ruined or stained, the walls bloated, and the furniture waterlogged – everything you’d find with flood damage.  But what should a business owner do? Here are three steps business owners should take after minor or major water damage affects their office.

Make Sure the Building Is Safe

In the event of a serious flood, your building’s maintenance staff should first ensure the safety of the building before moving forward with any remediation. They should turn off the electricity to make sure no one gets shocked when they enter the building. They should remove all dangerous debris. Depending on the flood damage, you may need to contact the local authorities to see if it is okay to reenter the building.

Call Your Insurance Company

If your business has flood insurance, contact your adjuster immediately. Depending on when the adjuster can visit the office, you might want to take extensive photos documenting the damage. You may need to begin cleanup before the adjuster can arrive. These photos will serve as your proof of damage. If you need to clean out the building, keep all damaged items even if you took photos of them. You never know what the adjuster will need to see before your insurance compensates you for your loss.

Call a Service Professional

Flood damage cleanupDepending on the severity of the flood, you will either need to replace your flooring or have all materials replaced. A professional cleaning service can tell you which action is necessary. They may be able to salvage your current carpet or furnishings.

Unfortunately, any damaged drywall cannot be saved, and will need to be replaced along with any damaged furniture. It is essential to call the right professional for the job. Hesitating on what to do after a flood will likely cause mold, odor, and decay.

Auto Scrubbers Provide Technological Solutions for Cleaning Small Spaces

auto scrubberIf you have a small office that does not require too many workers, it may be a cost-saver for your cleaning company to utilize an auto scrubber.  An auto scrubber is a two-in-one floor cleaning machine that integrates a vacuum cleaner and a scrubber.

They are technological solutions to the traditional use of mop and bucket to clean the floor.

The Efficiency of Auto Scrubbers in Cleaning

Auto scrubbers are consider more efficient in cleaning for the following reasons:


Unlike the mop and bucket that leave the floor wet, auto scrubbers leave the floors completely dry in a single round. Thus, they significantly reduce slip and fall accidents for both the cleaners and residents.

Time Saver

Auto scrubbers clean up to six times faster than a mop and bucket, because they are automated. One can either operate the machine by riding on it or by pushing it while walking. The equipment leaves the floor clean and dry in a single round. This saves on time that would be spent squeezing the mop and wiping repeatedly to dry up the floor.


Since an auto scrubber cleans faster, the increased productivity translates into decreased labor cost. Furthermore, the clean and dirty water don’t mix, so the overall detergent costs are significantly reduced. They also use less water than the other traditional cleaning methods.

No Contamination

The auto scrubber is designed so that there’s no direct contact between the clean and contaminated water. It has a dispensing tank that contains clean water and a collection tank for the contaminated water.

Auto scrubbers are better-preferred technological cleaning solutions for their superior performance and time-efficiency. A case study by Clean Link reveals that they’re as efficient in cleaning both small and spacious floors.

If your cleaning company is not using the latest technology to keep your area clean, contact Image One today for a free quote.